Jumat, 07 Mei 2010

Tips on Buying Mattress

All of us know that our sleeping quality is also determined by the quality of the mattress. However, a definition of perfect mattress can be very personal because people have their own anatomy, weight and taste on mattress. We can find various mattress classification, most mattresses are classified by its size like single, double, queen or king size. However, no matter what mattress size we want to buy, one thing that we have to consider is its softness.

Mattresses are classified based on the softness as well. We can find soft, medium and firm mattress. It is important for us to choose the softness based on our weight, not our taste because if we are able to choose mattress based on our weight, we will get better body support and better mattress durability. It will not be a big deal for us if our weight is less than 76kg, we can choose firm, medium or soft mattress. However, if we have more than 76 kg weight, we need better supporter. For us are weight is up to 76 kg, we are recommended to use soft or medium mattress.

If we are more than 76 kg and less than 101 kg, medium mattress can be the best choice. On the other side, firm mattress is highly recommended for people with more than 101 kg because the firm mattress is the only one that able to give support so problem with joints or muscles will not be occurred. For the high quality mattress, we can visit Samsclub.com. There we will find various mattress sale.